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Actively Defending Church and Community

Those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens carried with one hand doing the work, and the other keeping hold of a weapon. NEH 4:17

Comprehensive Manual

Comprehensive Manual – Securing the House of Worship has been compiled for houses of worship to develop armed church security teams.

Authorized Instructor Program

Exclusively for instructors who possess prior law enforcement, military, or agency backgrounds and are committed to leading well-trained armed security teams.

Active Defense Training Programs

Combative handgun, rifle, shotgun. Individual and team tactics. Reality based training.  Blended curriculum. Train the trainer. For armed security teams.

Kingdom Defense works with faith-based organizations to train armed security teams. Their training program is one of the most comprehensive available today, with the aim of establishing proficient and safe armed Church security teams capable of dealing with violent threats.

The program integrates firearm fundamentals, individual tactics, team tactics, tactical medical, and tactical communications with reality-based training that is delivered on range, on-site, and online via a comprehensive training plan that coordinates daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks, activities, and events.

All Kingdom Defense instructors possess significant prior experience in law enforcement, military, or agency backgrounds and are committed to training well-equipped and competent armed Church security teams.

Kingdom Defense was established by Mike Smock, Co-founder and CEO of Distributed Security, in order to provide a Christ-centered solution to the complex issues surrounding the use of force in defense of church and community.


“I wish to thank you personally for your training and support with our Church as well as with my firm… We found the guidance, direction, and educational curriculum provided by DSI’s team of professional instructors to be truly invaluable. Your approach through proper education followed by hands-on, real life situational training was the optimal learning method for our teams to function effectively in a variety of scenarios. Through DSI’s illustration and delivery of active threat minimization and proactive life-saving techniques our teams are better equipped and prepared to protect not only our facilities but more importantly, the lives that interact with them regularly. I am very excited to work with you on additional training… It has been an absolute pleasure building a professional and supportive relationship with you.”

Name on File

Elder - CEO, Evangelical Church

“I can attest to the quality of this program and wholeheartedly recommend DSI’s services. Distributed Security Inc. designed and delivered a comprehensive program… The DSI trainer’s experience in providing safety and security services was evident throughout the entire course. Training covered all aspects of school security, from the safe handling of firearms and communications to how to handle threatening situations… They certainly exceeded the minimum requirements outlined in the DSI contract for services delivered… initially I was uncertain about enrolling in a program that would qualify someone to carry a concealed firearm on school property with a responsibility to protect others. However, as a result of working with the highly competent staff at DSI, I gained the necessary skills to comfortably, effectively and safely conceal-carry on school property and do so among all ages of students, staff and community members. The significance of that responsibility cannot be understated, nor can the quality of training we received from DSI be overstated. Based on my first-hand experience completing DSI’s program, I highly recommend DSI’s… services to individuals and school districts.”

Name on File

Administrator, Wyoming School

“The training that you and Distributed Security offers is upmost the best training that I have received. During my career of over 30 years in law enforcement, I have not received a training that matches what I received through you and your instructors. Being a firearms instructor for law enforcement myself, this training totally enhanced my skills and gave me more confidence for situations that I could encounter. This also allows me to pass along this training to other law enforcement officers to enhance their skills… DSI does not just offer the training, they pour their heart and soul into it. Even after the training was completed, the on-line training continued along with the personal follow up visits. I felt, and still feel, like I’m part of a family. I am looking forward to additional training in the near future.”

Name on File

Sheriff Deputy , NW Ohio Department

“Very well thought out ramp up of skills with constant reinforcement of the learned material, no BS, no dogmas, and a lot of fun!”

A.S. Enterprise Manager

“It was an extremely valuable investment of my time and money. (Instructor) was very personable and was a great instructor who made it very easy to grasp the large amount of info presented in such a short period of time. I will be recommending this course to every firearms owner I know”

R.P. Firefighter - EMT

“Training is excellent! Instructors are very skilled, very helpful, and patient. RBT (Reality Based Training) is amazing and helps to prepare for real life. Even if you don’t feel tactically sound you can come here and leave feeling terrifically sound & confident. I came in very green and the instructors helped me improve my confidence & my tactics.”

C.H. Business Owner

“DSI provides some of the best training available today, period.”

H.P. Lt.Col (SF)

“Great experience, professional training, some of the best training available today.”

T.B. Range Owner

“I really like the pace, the skills, and how each skill builds on the previous. Best training I’ve ever had. It far exceeds CCW training or NRA – including instructor level.”

K.K. Firearms Instructor

Nehemiah’s Wall serves as inspiration for Kingdom Defense.

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Kingdom Defense is at the forefront of creating faith-based security solutions for Church and community.


The Kingdom Defense Authorized Instructor Program is exclusively for instructors who possess prior law enforcement, military, or agency backgrounds and are committed to leading well-trained armed church security teams.

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