Kingdom Defense works with faith-based organizations to actively assess, detect, and respond to violent threats.

The security solutions offered by Kingdom Defense integrate threat assessment and detection technologies with combative firearm fundamentals, individual tactics, and tactical medical and communication training.

The Kingdom Defense training curriculum is one of the most comprehensive programs available today. The program’s purpose is to develop safe and effective armed Church security teams capable of stopping a violent threat and securing the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

Kingdom Defense instructors all have significant prior law enforcement, military, or agency backgrounds and are committed to developing well-trained armed Church security teams.



Mike Smock

Mike Smock is the Founder of Kingdom Defense. He is also Co-founder and CEO of Distributed Security. Over a 40-year career, he has managed or advised enterprises operating in at-risk environments worldwide. As advisor, his focus was on the application of maneuver warfare theory to business practice. He is a son of the American Revolution and the Michigan state coordinator for the Christian Business Men’s Connection Trusted Advisor Forums.

Ryan Gerten

Ryan Gerten is Chief Instructor for Kingdom Defense. Prior to his time in law enforcement, he spent 12 years in full-time ministry. Ryan spent his career as a police officer in Charleston, SC where he was a patrol officer, detective, ATF task force officer, and SWAT team member. He is a certified firearms instructor through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, the NRA, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Ryan is a native of Marshall, Michigan. 

Scott Smarsh

Scott Smarsh is an Authorized Instructor for Kingdom Defense. He is a retired NJ law enforcement professional after serving 26 years. He was the lead firearms instructor on multiple weapons platforms, armorer, Assistant Range Master, Tactical Combat Casualty Instructor, Active Threat Instructor, Tactics/CQB instructor and a SWAT/RDT member. 

Rick Porrata

Rick Porrata is an Authorized Instructor for Kingdom Defense. After serving five years in the U.S. Army, Rick served as a special agent in the U.S. Customs Service-Treasury Department and in the Department of Homeland Security. As a special agent, Rick was the lead breacher of the Special Response Team (SRT) and an armorer. He also served as an adjunct instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University.

Luke Burgan

Luke Burgan is an Authorized Instructor for Kingdom Defense. He served in the U.S. Army for nine years as an Airborne Infantryman and Ground Reconnaissance Team Leader which included combat in Afghanistan. Subsequently, five years as a security contractor and security company owner. He founded and operates two businesses: Veteran Protection LLC and Rally Point Life LLC. Luke also serves as the Chief of Staff of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association. He has a Masters in Strategic Studies from Norwich University.

Brook Smith

Brook Smith is an Authorized Instructor for Kingdom Defense. He spent 28 years in Arizona law enforcement, retiring from the Tucson Police Department as a Lead Police Officer and EMT. His last ten years were spent in the Specialized Response Division (SWAT), where he was a SWAT Senior Operator. Brook participated in nearly 700 SWAT operations, countless critical incidents, and multiple protective details from POTUS to congressional candidates.

Randy Bartlett

Randy Bartlett is an advisor to Kingdom Defense. He has over 30 years of military and paramilitary experience as a commissioned Infantry officer, non-commissioned officer, and contractor. Through various companies, he provided leadership and management for site and convoy security, medical evacuation, personnel recovery, expatriate evacuation, vulnerability analysis, and gap assessment, and business continuity in several countries. As part of the withdrawal of conventional forces from Iraq, he was part of a four-man team that located, accounted for, and developed protective plans for Americans and foreign nationals in Iraq. He also developed a security program for an infrastructure renewal and development project valued at $1B USD in Libya.

Chuck Gbur

Chuck Gbur, MD is an advisor to Kingdom Defense. He is a retired Battalion Surgeon and currently an interventional cardiologist in Toledo, Ohio. He served as a medical officer in the United States Navy. During most of his 25 year military career he served with the Fleet Marine Force. He was a graduate of the Naval War College and Joint Forces Staff College as well as numerous other classes and course. He published several papers and developed training doctrine and policies for medical care in military operations in urban terrain. Chuck was active in tactical medicine training of Marines and Corpsman who were deploying in support of numerous combat missions over the last twenty years.

Bill Tallen

Bill Tallen is an advisor to Kingdom Defense. He was with the Department of Energy, where he served as a Federal Agent, team leader, unit commander, training instructor, and manager in the agency which provides secure transportation of nuclear weapons and nuclear materials within CONUS. He helped to found DOE’s Special Response Force program and has designed and conducted a variety of wargaming efforts in support of vulnerability assessments, security system design, and leadership training, and has taught a variety of crisis decision making models. Bill holds the degree of Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College.

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The Kingdom Defense Authorized Instructor Program is exclusively for instructors who possess prior law enforcement, military, or agency backgrounds and are committed to leading well-trained armed church security teams.

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