Our next 4-hour live webinar for church security groups is October 14, 2022. The $149.95 attendance fee includes the $89.95 reference manual and thumb drive. During the live webinar we cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to armed church security

2. Introduction to security analysis

3. Developing the church security team

4. Training the church security team

5. Deploying the church security team

All the topics covered during the webinar are detailed in the Comprehensive Manual.

This webinar is designed for both senior church leadership and members of your security team.

Additional copies of the Comprehensive Manual can be purchased.

Click below to purchase the manual and register for the next webinar. The price of the webinar includes one manual and thumb drive. The webinar link can be shared and viewed by your whole team.

Click to register: https://distributedsecurity.com/religious-groups-faith-based-organizations/