The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative Roundtable #2 produced the embedded paper titled: “Jesus’ nonviolence according to the Gospels”.

Excerpt from the paper:

In summary, the Gospels show us Jesus as a full spectrum nonviolent peacemaker. Jesus teaches us how to prevent violence before it gets started, by refusing to treat anyone as an outsider or enemy. He teaches how to intervene with creative, disarming nonviolent action when things are getting hot, breaking the cycle of violence. He demonstrates civil resistance peacemaking, attacking structural violence, bringing it into the open, using nonviolent power to change the equation. He demonstrates after-the-harm-has-been-done peacemaking–how to nonviolently reconcile parties who have been estranged. He shows how to neutralize personal violence and protect the innocent with the power of creative nonviolent action. He calls us to form a community of nonviolent service that will be an antithesis to regimes of domination through violence. Finally, he shows us how to live a life of nonviolence to the full and to the end.

Catholic Nonviolence Initiative roundtable #2, 2018

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